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  1. A Facebook Collage
  2. A New Warrior for a New Warfare
  3. Hippies, Fathers, and War
  4. Delivered from Abortion: Healing a Forgotten Memory
  5. Is the Men's Movement Dead?
  6. Broken by Religion, Healed by God
  7. Overcoming Resentment: Receiving Praise from God, not Others
  8. The View from 65: Aging as Preparation for Life
  9. My Problem with Obedience
  10. Homosexuality & The Father Wound
  11. Unmasking Halloween
  12. Memorial Day: Remembering What’s Needed for Peace
  13. Ball Games & the Battle for Men’s Souls
  14. Warfare & Women: The Next Step in the Men’s Movement
  15. What Is Sex?
  16. From Happiness to Joy
  17. Learning to Receive: Overcoming Deprivation
  18. TV or God: Who’s Telling Our Story?
  19. How Pvt. Ryan Was Saved: When Good Things Happen to Bad People
  20. Who Killed Jesus? Making Jews out of Gentiles
  21. Use Your Authority for God’s Sake
  22. Child-Like Response-Ability
  23. You Don’t Have to – You Get to
  24. What’s Next, Papa?
  25. Easter Happens
  26. Christmas, 9/11, and the Spirit of Religion
  27. Terrorism & Spiritual Warfare: 9/11 Lessons
  28. The Battle of Britian for the Hearts of Men
  29. Greetings from Australia
  30. Whatever Happened to Y2K?
  31. A Book for Men?