Intercessors Platoon

The deep wounds on which my ministry focuses stir shame, and are therefore often well-defended. The Enemy has owned this territory for a long time, and what I do involves plenty of spiritual warfare - especially since my books No Small Snakes: A Journey into Spiritual Warfare (2008) and Religion vs. Reality: Facing the Home Front in Spiritual Warfare (2013) have been published.

In fact, I dare not press on in the battle without the covering of the larger Body. With that covering over myself and my family, however, I’m confident the Father will fulfill His calling in and through me.

I deeply appreciate gestures of friendship, words of encouragement, a caring desire to know how I’m doing—and hope you and others will continue blessing me in that way. There are many ways to serve, and I’m grateful for those.

Here, however, I’m asking for warriors in the Spirit—that is, for those who sense the Lord’s specific call to spiritual warfare in my behalf. I am often attacked for what I do, and I must warn that those who battle with me may experience that attack themselves.

When I sent out mailings to announce the publishing of Fight Like a Man a few years ago, I included an invitation to any who felt so called to intercede for me and my family. Since then, I’ve continued to ask the Lord for this special prayer support.

As special needs arise--sometimes weekly, sometimes less often---I send out an updated confidential letter, reporting on how God is answering previous prayer requests and where I need prayer currently. Often, I include a recent article of mine, or some other ministry-related item for your benefit.

The term of service is one year. Out of respect both for the intercessors and the Fathers call, when I feel led to do so, I disband the group and ask intercessors to seek the Father for whether He would have them re-enlist or not. Over the years, the platoon has numbered about 10-15 men from around the world.

If you sense the Lord is calling you to intercede regularly for me and my family, please click contact us at home page and well seek the Father together for His confirmation.