Passions & Priorities: Singles Conference

with Rev. Gordon Dalbey and Mary Dalbey, Ph. D.

I: The Gift of Singleness

Facing the fear of your aloneness and releasing it to God for His purposes. Singleness is a time to let God secure your identity in Christ, so you don't look for it in others. (1 Corinth. 7:7, 32-34)

II: A. Fathers, Daughters & Sexuality (Mary with women)

B. Fathers, Sons & Sexuality (Gordon with men)

Biologically, the father's sperm cell determines the gender of the child; emotionally, the father calls forth both feminiity in the girl and masculinity in the boy. Spiritually, Father God calls us together to fulfill His Kingdom purposes.

III: Sexuality & Spirituality

What is the mysterious power of sexuality that draws a man and woman together? How has God designed it to function? Why it's integral to God's purposes for you (Gen. 2:18), and how it can either sabotage or facilitate your destiny, depending on your willingness to sacrifice it to God.

IV: Breaking Down the Walls Between Men & Women

In God's plan, men and women need each other (I Corinth. 11:11-12). How can we overcome our fear of not measuring up with one another, and celebrate each other's special gifts?